4K card

The 4K card is the most important product of the tourist industry and due to its character it exceeds the borders of the Ústecký region. This product was first introduced in 2008 and it is designed for the Krušné hory Mountains visitors. This card allows people to see more and pay less. It is used by individuals or families and it offers the possibility to visit a lot of attractions and interesting places in the Krušné hory Mountains. Thanks to the 4K card you can get many price reductions, free admissions and numerous other advantages. There are also many reductions for accommodation, catering, spa and wellness services. The product´s main advantage is that it already connects almost 150 tourist services regardless of the service region or provider.
You can find detailed information on prices, reductions or actual actions located at the web portal:


You can buy the 4K Card:

1. on the Internet, on the website www.4kkarta.cz.
2. in regional information centres that are located in the Ústecký region.