About the region

The Krušné hory Mountains is the longest Czech mountain range stretching along the Czech-German border in north-west Bohemia and southern Saxony. It is a continual mountain range stretching 130 km long with an average width of 40 km. In the north-east it is connected to the Labské Sandstones, in the south-west to the hilly countryside of Smrčiny (In Germany Fichtelgebirge).
The south border of the Krušné hory Mountains was created by the valley of the Ohře river, the east border was created by the Most basin. It covers the area from the districts of Karlovy Vary, Chomutov, Most, Teplice and Ústí nad Labem. On its northern side, the mountain range descends very slowly to the Erzgebirgsvorland (the Krušné hory Mountains foothills). It is mostly settled by smaller towns and villages. Among larger settlements (over 15 thousand inhabitants) are Aue, Annaberg-Buchholz, Auerbach, Schwarzenberg, Marienberg, Freiberg and Frankenberg. At the bottom of the Krušné hory Mountains foothills is the third largest city of the Free State of Saxony - Chemnitz (241 thousand inhabitants).
In the direction of Bohemia, the Krušné hory Mountains drop quite steeply as the elevation here and there is up to 500 metres, whereas in the direction of Germany the slope is not so steep. The different shape of the northern and southern slopes in the Krušné hory Mountains was caused by the fact that the mountain range was formed by an inclined plate. In the Tertiary period, its southern edge was elevated along the earth´s fault.
In the past, the Krušné hory Mountains were largely damaged by emissions from the industrial plants in the foothills. After the emission catastrophe of the 1970s - 1990s the forests were regenerated. However, the coal mining, chemical and energy industries are still dominant there; according to the Czech Geological Service survey the Krušné hory Mountains nowadays are one of cleanest mountain areas in the Czech Republic with green forested areas.
There are fully-fledged cities with green zones that offer many attractions. Reclamation, greenery and relaxing zones in the region are becoming more and more important. The Krušné hory Mountains and their foothills provide an interesting offer for tourists, which combines both a relaxation and adventure holiday, with its interesting history, unusual parts and natural rarities.
While the Krušné hory Mountains may be windy and cold, life there has always been tougher than in other regions. But this gives it a certain magic, original punch and certain deepness. Find out for yourselves and come to the Krušné hory Mountains!