Protected areas and nature preserves

Natural monument Střezovská rokle

Přírodní památka Střezovská rokle

The Střezovská rokle gulch was created by the erosive activities of surface water in soft Miocene sediments of the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin (Severočeská hnědouhelná pánev). The results of these activities there created remarkable contours on its steep and almost vertical slopes. The preserved gulch was created by erosive water action in sands, clays and puff-stones. The natural monument is located east of the village of Březno in the district of Chomutov.

Natural monument Hradiště u Černovic

The spot Hradiště (594 m above sea level) represents a noticeable point of the Krušné hory Mountains. In 1985 its plateau was proclaimed a natural monument. The matters of protection in this locality are tertiary quartzites, significant for the plentiful imprints of vegetable residua. This locality was discovered by mining activities and is important in light of research of geological development of the Krušné hory Mountains and the Podkrušnohorská pánev basin.

Natural monument Merkur

Přírodní památka Merkur

The natural monument is situated in the area of a former brown coal mine about 1.4 km far from the village of Zelená, southwards from the railway line Chomutov - Kadaň. The matter of protection is an important paleontological deposit of vegetable and animal residua documenting the life on the banks of the tertiary lake. The site was discovered by the mining activities in the Merkur brown coal mine. In the past, the Ahníkov castle was located there but it was destroyed by mining activities.

Přírodní památka Kokrháč

Přírodní památka Kokrháč

A noticeable rock formation of cockscomb is situated in the valley of Prunéřovský potok stream about 2 km north of the village of Prunéřov. It was declared a natural monument in 1990. The rocky gneiss slopes are an important geologic component of the middle part of the Krušné hory Mountains with a high natural and landscape value. The vegetation of the natural monument is a secondary pine grove with several islands of pine wood and an occurrence of oak and beech trees under which it is possible to find really endangered bearberry.

National nature reserve Jezerka

Národní přírodní rezervace Jezerka

Jezerka is a national nature reserve that is around the Jezeří hill nearby the Baroque castle with the same name. When looking from the foothills, the rocky southern slopes and a noticeable pointed peak are a remarkable scene. Jezeří is the rockiest peak of the eastern Krušné hory Mountains. Its peak reaches 705.4 m above sea level. In the past there was a castle on the top of Jezerka named Starý Žeberk and there are still many legends connected to the mountain and the castle.

Natural park Loučenská hornatina

The Loučenská upland is one of the most valuable natural parks in the Krušné hory Mountains in the district of Most. Its total area is 14,425 ha. The park is widely used by tourists. There are nature trails, many cycling paths, 5 skiing resorts for downhill skiing, tracks for cross country skiing and quite a dense network of tourist routes. The park protects natural, cultural and historical characteristics of the area. It preserves forested steep slopes of the Krušné hory Mountains, divided by deep valleys with numerous spring areas and streams.