Through the Domaslavické údolí Valley to the Krušné hory Mountains

The route starts in Křižanov
Green Křižanov – Domaslavické údolí – Pod Vrchem Tří pánů – Vilejšov (8km)
Monuments on the road :
Domaslavické údolí – a nature reserve with steep rocky slopes and detritus overgrowth. The Domaslavický brook runs through the valley.
Traffic connections :
Teplice public transport system – lines 136 and 139 – connections between Krupka, Teplice, Duchcov, Osek and Hrob.

To the highest Peak of the Eastern Krušné hory Mountains

Red Litvínov, train station – Litvínov, crossroad
Blue Litvínov, crossroad – Meziboří, stadium – Meziboří – Hvězda – Pod Loučnou –
Loučná (the highest peak of the Eastern Krušné hory Mountains – 956m above sea level) –
Pod Loučnou – Vlčí hora (view-tower) – Pod Vlčí horou
Green Pod Vlčí horou – Dlouhá Louka
Monuments on the road :
Loučná (956 m.n.m.) – the highest peak of the Eastern Krušné hory Mountains with wonderful vistas over the countryside.
Traffic connections :

Three Towns in the Krušné hory Mountains Foothill Region

The route starts and finishes at the ČD train station in Duchcov.
Blue Duchcov (train station) – Duchcov-cinema - Osek, the lower train station (train station) (6 km) –
Osek, square (7.5 km) – Osek, open air pool
Yellow Osek, open air pool – Osek, the upper train station (train station) (8.5 km) – Horní Háj (train station)
(10.5 km) – Křižanov – Hrob, square (13.5 km)
Red Hrob, square – Golf resort Barbora – Duchcov-cinema
Blue Duchcov-cinema – Duchcov (train station) (24 km)
Monuments on the road :
Duchcov :

Across the Swinging Bridge past the Mermaids in the Ohře River to Evženka

Start: the Boč train stop (Chomutov – Boč)
After you leave the train, you will cross the Ohře river across the swinging bridge. Just behind the bridge you will turn right on an unmarked path that will lead you 3 km through a beautiful recreational area with many cottages. Children can look for mermaids there and at the water mills built by the cottagers.
Boč – Perštejn not marked 3 km
2 other different possible routes
1/ to connect to the red tourist trail and continue to Klášterec n/O towards Lázně Evženie
red 5 km

To the former Gabrielina iron-mill

Start: from the main train station in Chomutov go to the train station in Málkov – line Chomutov - Klášterec n/O
After you get off the train, go through the village towards the No. 13 road, when you cross the road and you are in the village
Green not marked 500 m
Go through the village, turn right at the end and go up to the Skřivánčí vrch view-tower no marking 800 m
After you observe the neighbouring countryside, return back down the hill,