Sport facilities

Winter stadium in Chomutov

Zimní stadion v Chomutově

Since 2010 you can enjoy ice-hockey matches at the new winter stadium in Chomutov. This building situated near the Kamencové jezero lake at the town edge will attract you with its modern design. The stadium is open for public skiing in given times or you can rent on of the ice-rinks for your private games. There are two ice-rinks - a small one and a big one. The stadium hosts 2 sports clubs - the ice-hockey club and the figure-skating club. It is also possible to organise there cultural, social and sports events.

Stadium Stadion Chomutov

Letní stadion Chomutov

In the neighbourhood of the new winter stadium in Chomutov you will also find a summer sports area. The football stadium is designed for 5 thousand onlookers and it is the home of a division club FC Chomutov. The stadium satisfies all the requirements of the FAČR (Football Association of CR), it has heated lawn and has stands on all four sides. The main stand has an interesting design - its roof will be in the shape of an archway and thus it will resemble the adjacent winter stadium. There will be also a newly constructed stadium for athletics.

Sports hall Březenecká

Sportovní hala Březenecká

The sports hall in Březenecká street has a gymnasium with dimensions 42 m to 42 m with a possibility to divide it into 3 courts. There is a fitness with fully qualifies coaches and possibility to buy sports nutrition, an assembly room, a table-tennis hall and a solarium. The space for spectators offers 300 places. In the hall there are organised exercises for women and parents with children.

Skatepark Chomutov

Skatepark Chomutov

The Skatepark is located in the area of the former outdoor cinema in Kamenny Vrch. In the area of 4,000 square metres there are many obstacles of three levels of difficulty. In the upper part there is a wooden pool (the largest in the Czech Republic, with artificial lighting), in the middle part there is a concrete street with fixed obstacles and in the lower part there are classical obstacles. There is also a club-room, a kiosk and toilets. The possibility of parking is just at the entrance, when a bigger event is organised here, the nearby car park is used.

House Salve

Dům Salve

The Salve bathhouse offers wellness services: massages, pedicures, manicures, cosmetics, fitballs, exercises for pregnant women, meditation, Pilates, power yoga, etc.

HC Litvínov, civic association - winter stadium

HC Litvínov, občanské sdružení - zimní stadion

The winter stadium in Litvínov is named after a Czech ice-hockey icon, Ivan Hlinka, who used to play and train there. The stadium was inaugurated on the 5th of December 1955. Since that time it has been reconstructed several times to its current design. The stadium is home to the hockey club HC Verva Litvínov and it offers 2,000 seats and room for 5,000 standing fans. The public can use the lower ice rink for public ice-skating; then they can go to the fitness centre, have a massage, visit a restaurant or be accommodated there.

Summer sports area SPORTaS, s.r.o.

Areál letních sportů SPORTaS, s.r.o.

SPORTaS incorporates several sports areas in the region of Litvínov. There is a swimming pool in Ukrajinská Street; besides classic swimming you can try AQUA AEROBICS, women´s swimming or apply for children´s swimming courses. In the summer you can go to the open air pool in Koldům. Nearby Koldům there is another sports area connected to the company SPORTaS, which has a multi-purpose sports hall. Its main season is between September and April, but it is possible to arrange opening hours the whole year.