Besucherbergwerk Freiberg

Besucherbergwerk &quotReiche Zeche&quot Freiberg

Achtung! Das Besucherbergwerk schließt aufgrund von Sanierungsarbeiten ab dem 19. August 2013 für mindestens ein Jahr. Für Gruppen ist die Einfahrt noch bis zum 31.07.2013 auf Voranmeldung möglich. Individualtouristen können noch bis zum 18. August 2013 an den regulären Führungen teilnehmen. Der derzeitige Betrieb der Anlage und die Nutzung durch Besucher sind uneingeschränkt möglich. This is Saxony's biggest visitors' mine, and the cage will take you down to a depth of 150 metres.

Aue Historic Mining Association

Historischer Bergbauverein Aue e.V.

Since 1995, the members of the association, backed by Aue town council, have been creating a monument to the old mining history of the town. The association is committed to preserving the legacy of mining here and so contributes to the maintenance of the remaining relics of the industry. For example, the Obere Vestenburger Stolln pit, with guided tours available, is a place with a lot to offer in educational terms, giving visitors a clear impression of the arduous toil of the miners in days gone by.

In the

Heimatmuseum „Knochenstampfe“ Dorfchemnitz

The oldest bone crushing machine in the Erzgebirge region can be seen in a former farmhouse. The main attraction is the crusher, which was powered by a water wheel and used to pulverise animal bones. There are a large number of temporary exhibitions as well to tempt the visitor to this charming village, for example: &quotSaxony's Beautiful Easter Nest&quot. And then, when Saxony's oldest stone baker's oven is fired up to bake delicious bread, which is then spread with quark made with herbs fresh from the garden, it is easy to imagine that time has stood still.

Following the trail in Oelsnitz

Auf Spurensuche in Oelsnitz

OELSNITZ: A LOVELY LOCATION IN THE ERZGEBIRGE The Glückauf tower The mining path starts and ends at the museum of mining. The walk lasts around 4 hours and takes the visitor on a tour through the mining past of Oelsnitz. Along the way there are 18 pillars displaying interesting, bizarre and informative items about mining in the area. On the Deutschlandschacht pit heap, the highest point on the route, is the Glückauf observation tower, which offers a fantastic view of Oelsnitz and the surrounding area.