The 1st Smoking Man Museum

Around 2,000 figures to admire at over 200 m2 in the &quotOld Dye-Works&quot. Each of the unique items, almost all of which are behind glass, is between 5 and 80 centimetres tall. The smoking men are mainly turned in wood, either in the classic style as smoking Turks, or night watchmen, or policemen or numerous other jobs. The oldest collector's item is from around 1930. Visitors can learn about the diversity and the form of the smoking man or &quotRaachermannl&quot. The old dye-works, which was renovated in 2011, enjoys a central location in Cranzahl.

Erzgebirge Glassworks Museum in Neuhausen

Based on the results of the latest research, the museum provides insights into the history of glass production in the Saxon and Bohemian Erzgebirge, going back over 800 years. There was a high point for the Heidelbach Glassworks in the 15th - 19th centuries, at Neuhausen/Seiffen, as their deliveries of premium products to the Royal Court in Dresden clearly testisfy. The exhibits present the diversity of glass as a material in all its colours, shapes and designs. The production technology of old is reconstructed in a model of a historic glassworks.

Textiles and Racing Museum

Textil- und Rennsportmuseum

The linchpin of the museum is the historical Jacquard Weaving Mill. With reference to numerous work phases from the design to the finished fabric, the manufacture of wall paintings and upholstery fabric is explained using functioning machines. The racket of the looms and the smell of the old, oil-soaked floorboards bring the former textile workers' world of work back to life. Taken from our extensive textile collections, three exhibitions show the diversity of the products that were industrially manufactured here for over 100 years.