Planetária a hvězdárny

Planetarium Most

The planetarium in Most is a public educational establishment. Its cupola is located on the roof of the Reprezentační dům (Entertainment House) of the town of Most in the centre, which makes it a symbol of this cultural house that cannot be ignored. The programme consists of animations of astronomical phenomena, short films and large-screen projections. All programmes are continuously completed by new findings and interesting facts from astronomy and cosmonautics.

Observatory of Dr. Antonín Bečvář

The observatory is located in the area around the Hněvín castle in the town of Most. The observatory is named after a Czech astronomer and climatologist, RNDr. Antonín Bečvář. In the observatory cupola there is an efficient Gustav Heyde refractor that enables the approximation of observed objects up to 300x. In case the weather is not good, the visitors can watch audiovisual programmes with interesting facts from solar system research and news from cosmonautics.

The North-Bohemian Observatory and Planetarium Teplice

The Hvězdárna Teplice observatory is located on the so-called Písečný (Sand) hill. When there is clear weather you can observe the surface of the Sun, planet Venus and also the Moon. During evening observations visitors like watching the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, some binary stars, nebulas, open and spherical star clusters and also very far galaxies.
The observatory in Teplice is open the whole year round, every Saturday afternoon and evening. The opening time varies with the year’s seasons.