Technical museums

Friedebach Middle Mill

This former corn and oil mill is situated on the hillside in the middle of Friedebach and is open to visitors. A linseed oven, a stamping press, a large water wheel and a thumb shaft with 6 pairs of stampers from the period before 1958 are on display, as the mills were still operational up to that point. The ceremonial opening of today's Agricultural and Milling Museum took place on 19.05.1997 (Whit Monday), in celebration of the German Day of Millers.

Technisches Museum Siebenschlehener Pochwerk

Technisches Museum Siebenschlehener Pochwerk

A six-metre water wheel sets the heavy stamps in motion above the stamp shaft. The elaborate process of separating the ore from the tailings begins once again, just as it did 200 years ago. After the demonstration and a look round the exhibition, visitors are recommended to take a tour of the visitors? mine or explore the eight kilometre discovery trail. A detailed map shows the way to the historical mines and the pit heap with its viewing points, and to the Filzteich lake.