Technical monuments

Town tower Chomutov

Městská věž Chomutov

The town tower in Chomutov is adjacent to the Gothic Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption and it is a dominant feature of the town´s protected historic area. The tower was finished in 1525 but just before the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries its lower part was vaulted by rich vaults. Its last reconstruction dates back to 1874 and the tower was reconstructed in the neo-Gothic style.

Town tower Jirkov

Městská věž Jirkov

The town tower in Jirkov is a part of the Decanal Church of St. Jiljí. It was built from 1540-1545. From the tower, there is a view of the town´s panorama and its surroundings. You can combine the visit of the tower with an excursion to the town´s vaults and to the Červený Hrádek castle. The combined admission is discounted.

View-tower Klínovec

Rozhledna Klínovec

The most highly situated view-tower of the Krušné hory Mountains (1,244 m above sea level) is a 24 m high octagonal tower which was built in 1884 thanks to the effort of the Krušnohorský okrašlovací spolek (the Krušné Hory Mountains Promoting Club). Later on a wonderful restaurant was built there but in the socialistic period the whole area started to dilapidate and nowadays the restaurant and the tower are closed. An ambitious reconstruction is planned in the coming years to restore its faded glory and to open it for the tourists again.

View-tower Málkov

Rozhledna Málkov

A brand-new steel view-tower is situated at an altitude of 460 m above the sea on the Skřivánčí (Skylark) hill near the village of Málkov in the Chomutov region. It was festively inaugurated in the summer of 2011 and from its height of 16 m it provides amazing views of the Krušné hory Mountain peaks, into the Prunéřovské údolí valley and of the North-Bohemian Brown Coal Basin.

Hasištejn Castle

Hrad Hasištejn

The Gothic castle ruins are located on the rock above the Prunéřovský potok stream. The first written evidence of the castle dates back to 1348 but the date of its erection is not known and also its builder stays unknown. The castle was an important fortress ensuring the safety on an important trade road that led close to the castle.

View-tower on the Růžový vrch hill

Rozhledna na Růžovém vrchu

The view-tower is situated on the Růžový (Rose) hill in the village of Hora Svaté Kateřiny at an altitude of 729 m above the sea. There is a complete 360 degree view from the tower and you can see places in the Krušné hory Mountains on their Czech and German sides. The view-tower is opened between May and October, from Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 5 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. You can get there by car and it is possible to park your car under the tower.

View-tower Jeřabina

Rozhledna Jeřabina

The first wooden view-tower on the Jeřabina hill was inaugurated on October 10, 1884 but the weather conditions were so severe that the tower was pulled down at the turn of the 1880s and 1890s and its repairs started. During WWI and WWII the tower was often taken in parts which were used as necessary material for the war industry. In the spring of 2009 the company Sport areál Klíny in co-operation with the Statutory City of Most, along with the companies United Energy, a.s. and Emeran 1860, s.r.o., started the restoration of the view-tower according to its design from 1929.

Hněvín Castle

Hrad Hněvín

Although the castle Hněvín is just a replica of the original castle, it is a dominant feature of the town of Most and a place from which you can see the whole town and its surroundings including mines and the newly created lake named Jezero Most. In the castle area there is a restaurant, an observatory and the possibility of accommodation.

Medvědí skála

The Medvědí skála (Bear) Rock, 923.8 m high, is the second highest mountain of the Most region. The very peak of the rock is a 7 m high rocky hummock accessible from the north via several old stone stairs. In the highest part of the hummock there is a stone-man built from stones joined by mortar. On the stone-man´s point there is a granite stone marking a triangulation point. Approximately 50 m northward from the peak there is a picturesque rocky tower, visible from a distance. On a small platform on its side there is a half-ruin of a log-cabin.

Komáří vížka

Komáří vížka

The view-tower Komáří vížka is located on the Komáří hůrka Mountain and it is the oldest view-tower of the Krušné hory Mountains. It was built by Count Clary Aldringen in 1857. Until the end of the 1990s the view-tower provided a beautiful view. At that time it was reconstructed by the new owner and the viewing windows were blinded and the situation has lasted till today. Under good weather conditions visibility you can see as far as the Krkonoše Mountains and the whole České středohoří Highlands. It is possible to go by car up to the car park that is 200 m from the view-tower.