Christmas and traditions

Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen GmbH

Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen GmbH

"INCENSE COUNTRY" We offer in our lovingly furnished Exhibition at the following event: (also on Sundays) Making Incense Cones itself, as 75 years ago. We invite you to traditional Ore Mountains hand. Knead the dough, creating fragrances and Incense Cones overmoulding itself, as our company founder Freya Graupner has 1936 done by hand in her small kitchen. Test the success of your creative work at home and make a piece of Erzgebirge tradition in your feed at home.

An unforgettable experience for young and old!

Erzgebirgische Likörfabrik Bockau R. Eisenreich & Co. GmbH

Erzgebirgische Destillerie und Liqueurmanufaktur GmbH

Wurzelbucke - another name for the romantic Erzgebirge village of Bockau, famous for its cultivation of the medicinal plant angelica and the ancient tradition of herbal liqueur production. This tradition lives on in the Erzgebirge Distillery and Liqueur Manufactory. In the 'Wurzelstube' (root room), Saxony's first Spirits Museum, visitors will find old stills, herb mills, historic pictures, samples of roots and herbs.

Brauhaus Freiberg GmbH - brewery tours

Brauhaus Freiberg GmbH - Brauhausführungen

Welcome to the Freiberg Brewery! The new Freiberg Brewery, which was set up in 1996 and superseded the old brewery in the heart of this mining town, now has over 180 employees, ensuring that the source of Saxon brewing never runs dry. The tradition of Freiberg brewing goes back over 800 years and has been maintained to the present today, as represented by the sophisticated natural flavours of our Freibgerger Pils. Take an informative journey and discover the path to Freiberger Pils from raw materials to the finished product.

Hotel Lugsteinhof

Hotel Lugsteinhof Inh. K. Kadletz e. K.

Welcome to the Lugsteinhof Sports and Family Hotel, the highest-lying hotel in the Erzgebirge! Take part in the Day of Traditional Crafts on the 3rd Sunday in October. Enjoy the natural surroundings - there's something for young and old, with tobogganing fun in summer and winter, relaxing or exploring the Erzgebirge region. The Lugsteinhof - the ideal base for trips above and below ground.

KDE - Kunstgewerbliche Drechslerei Ellmann

KDE - Kunstgewerbliche Drechslerei Ellmann

The Ellmann woodworking company, founded in 1928 by Herbert Ellmann, has had its home here since 1934. Our products are marked by a high level of artistic handiwork and a great love of detail. In addition to this, only the best materials and finest woods are used. Our comprehensive range today includes decorative products for the room and table, technical wooden goods such as furniture knobs, spheres, columns, various turned work-pieces and, not least, traditional, Erzgebirge craft products.

C. Blank Handicraft

Blank Kunsthandwerk

Faltenrockengel aus Grünhainichen© In our workshops, our Faltenrockengel© figures (angels with pleated skirts) are lovingly and painstakingly hand-created today just as they were a hundred years ago ? piece by piece, using local woods. This means that every figure is unique. Every Faltenrockengel©, every flower child, every musical box, every Christmas pyramid and every carved Schwibbogen candle arch has its very own charm and represents timeless, genuine craftsmanship from the Erzgebirge.