Natural beauties

You do not need to travel to far away countries and expensive destinations when you want to see the beauties of nature. The Krušné hory Mountains offer them too. The mountain peaks may not be so divided and the vistas may not be so romantic, the sun may not shine as it does in the Alps and there may not be so much snow as there as well but there are many other beauties and all of them are so close to each other. In this area you will find hundred-year-old forests, traces of Tertiary volcanic activities, unique Tertiary rocky formations as the river´s alluvium with thousands of lamelli branches, a rock in the shape of an organ called the Rocky Organ, deposits of siliceous and other precious stone deposits, mountain lakes, ponds or floating channels built in the past centuries for floating wood or supplying water to medieval mines. There are places where you will find rare or endangered plants (Western marsh orchids, creeping willows, orange lilies, Eastern pasqueflowers, birch oycoviensis, marsh orchids …). Places where rare or endangered animals live (black grouses, forest grouses, Aesculapian snakes, common European adders, little owls, Eurasian pygmy owls…).
The Krušné hory Mountains are connected by a network of nature trails, cycling paths and running paths. You can reach any of the Krušné hory Mountains thousand-metre-high mountains, walk through dense woods, look over the countryside from many natural or manmade vistas, take pleasure in the beauty of the nature when going on mountain peak hikes. You can go all through the mountains along the edges on your cross-country skis or conquer their slopes on your bicycle. Climbers find there unusual peaks of the sandstone formations that look like a rock town from a distance, skiers find tens of kilometres of skiing slopes leading through the Krušné hory Mountains deep forests.
And one of the biggest advantages of the Krušné hory Mountains: there are plenty of wonderful places and not many people know about them since these places are almost completely hidden. So if you decide to visit them there will not be crowds of tourist around. This really is an amenity by itself, isn´t it?
So nothing should get in the way of your journey to the beauties of the Krušné hory Mountains. It is enough if you go through the website; then choose your destination and set off on your journey to the Krušné hory Mountains. Have a pleasant journey and many nice experiences!