Are you planning a trip to the Krušné Hory Mountains? Use public transport with the Labe-Elbe ticket. Useful one-day network ticket enables easy travelling on the Czech and German side of the borders. The ticket is valid in the Ústí Region and a defined area in Saxony. The list of lines where the Labe-Elbe ticket is accepted may be found here.



Examples of use:

  • Plan one day trip from Děčín to Moldava. Cross to the other side of borders and return back along the German side, e.g. from Altenberg
  • Take your friends and go from Ústí nad Labem to the area of Vejprty, visit Klínovec and return back e.g. from Ostrov nad Ohří

About the ticket:

  • the ticket is valid every day but you cannot buy it in advnce
  • there are several versions of the ticket: for an individual for the price of  200,- CZK, for a group of 2-5 persons regrdless age for 400,- CZK, for dogs and bicycles for 90,- CZK
  • the ticket is valid to 04:00 o´clock on the following day after its purchasing
  • the details about the ticket may be found here