Fláje game reserve

Flájská obora
Klíny 61
43601 Klíny
Czech Republic

GPS coordinates

50° 38' 53.16" N, 13° 35' 23.64" E

Intended for

Families with children
Active sportpeople

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The Fláje game-preserve is situated on the plateau of the Krušné hory Mountains and it partly extends into the Šumenské údolí valley. The highest point of the game-reserve is in Loučná where its 956 m above sea level. In the preserve there is a network of wells, from which high-quality water (quality sufficient for infants) is pumped. The area of the game-preserve is 1,930 ha with normally around 300 bucks. There are also important mating areas for black grouses. Among other endangered species there are black storks, stock owls or boreal (Tengmalm´s) owls. Several times there has been spotted an Eastern Imperial eagle, a white-tailed eagle. Ospreys are quite common along with northern harriers. The game-preserve is accessible on a marked trail the whole year round. In winter there is a maintained cross-country trail on the southern bank of the Fláje Lake that is a part of the Krušnohorská bílá stopa and it connects the winter resorts of Klíny and Dlouhá Louka.

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Flájská obora
Flájská obora
Flájská obora
Flájská obora
Flájská obora

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