Hipodrom Most
Velebudice 213
43401 Most
Czech Republic
+420 476101734

No language barrier


GPS coordinates

50° 28' 28.92" N, 13° 38' 32.64" E

Intended for

Families with children
Active sportpeople
Disabled access (wheelchair)
Disabled access (crutches, restricted movement)
No language barrier

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The Hipodrom in Most ranks among the most modern of race-courses in Europe. It is unique since it was built on the former dump and it belongs among four race-courses given a grade "A". Nowadays there are facilities for 1,500 visitors, a tower for referees, turf club, show-jumping race and a children’s playground. Around the racecourse there is a 3.4 km long asphalt in-line skating track. The track is freely accessible except on race days or private events.

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Hipodrom Most
Hipodrom Most
Hipodrom Most
Hipodrom Most
Hipodrom Most
Hipodrom Most

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