International Festival Mitte Europa

MISSLAREUTH 1990. MITTE EUROPA & Cheb 1991 – kulturní spolupráce
Paul-Gerhardt-Str.14, D - 08525 Plauen
Špalíček, nám.Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad 43
350 02 Cheb
Czech Republic
775 919 339, 354 436 941

The Festival Mitte Europa was formed in 1991 by a German-Czech citizens´ initiative. This geographically widespread cultural activity over 7 weeks unites every year during the summer months more than 65 towns and rural villages in the Czech Republic and the Free States Saxony and Bavaria. During roughly 70 events the festival presents a varied program (classical music, jazz, klezmer, fine arts, theater, literature and workshops) with the main target to contribute to rapprochement, reconciliation and to consciousness of the mutual historical roots as well as to create a dialog of cultures of all generations of the German and Czech neighbors through outstanding quality, international artists and joined emotional experiences. Furthermore the Festival Mitte Europa increases the touristic appeal with its historic and picturesque regions and promotes sustainably the business location.

Intended for

Active sportpeople
No language barrier
Music and theatres