Krušnohorské muzeum na Lesné/Museum of the Krušné hory Mountains in Lesná

Krušnohorské muzeum na Lesné
Lesná 22
43121 Boleboř
Czech Republic

GPS coordinates

50° 33' 52.92" N, 13° 25' 51.6" E

Intended for

Families with children
Active sportpeople

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Near the towns of Chomutov and Most you can find a small mountain settlement called Lesná. From the original village which had 29 houses, there are now only 5 reconstructed or newly built buildings. One of them is the Krušnohorské museum, which was built from a project called „Mediation of common historic values of traditional houses and life-style, including folk art, in the Krušné hory Mountains region Seiffen/Lesná" that was sponsored from the Program Target Cíl3/Ziel 3 for the support of cross-border co-operation between the Czech Republic and the Free State Saxony 2007-2013. The museum is located in the Krušnohorský lidový dům (the Krušné hory Mountains traditional house), which was built in 2010 according to historical designs and is a true replica of a house from 1873. The museum offers its visitors a permanent exhibition about the life of highlanders from 100 years ago. The exhibition includes a collection of old renovated farm machines. The attic is used for exhibitions connected to the Krušné hory Mountains. During the public events the participants have an opportunity to try "Forgotten Crafts", led by skilled tutors, which young people love. The visitors themselves try baking bread or making ginger bread, bobbin lace work, metal wire decorations, work on the jigger, weaving, spinning etc. In the museum there is also a newly built replica of a belfry with a bell that chimes every hour and therefore is very useful during fog or a snowstorm since people can hear it and find their way here. The museum in Lesná is open daily, and on the weekends there is a guide. The entrance fee is voluntary.

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Krušnohorské muzeum na Lesné
Krušnohorské muzeum na Lesné
Krušnohorské muzeum na Lesné
Krušnohorské muzeum na Lesné

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