Natural monument Merkur

Přírodní památka Merkur
Czech Republic

GPS coordinates

50° 23' 47.04" N, 0° 18' 48.751" E

Intended for

Families with children
Active sportpeople
Protected areas and nature preserves

For more information

The natural monument is situated in the area of a former brown coal mine about 1.4 km far from the village of Zelená, southwards from the railway line Chomutov - Kadaň. The matter of protection is an important paleontological deposit of vegetable and animal residua documenting the life on the banks of the tertiary lake. The site was discovered by the mining activities in the Merkur brown coal mine. In the past, the Ahníkov castle was located there but it was destroyed by mining activities.

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Přírodní památka Merkur
Přírodní památka Merkur
Přírodní památka Merkur