The House of the Porcelain with Blue Blood

Czech Republic

Operating time

The Blue House is open to the public:

  • MONDAY - THURSDAY  8 am - 5 pm
  • FRIDAY                            8 am - 3 pm
  • SATURDAY closed
  • SUNDAY closed


Price list


Intended for

Families with children
Technical museums

For more information

Museum of porcelain, information centre, exhibitions, lecture hall - you will find all of these in the former cinema building in Dubí. After a total reconstruction was completed, the building was given the name ‘The House of the Porcelain with Blue Blood’ which we invite you to when you visit Dubí.
“The Blue House“, as we call the House of the Porcelain with Blue Blood for short,  serves mainly to house an exhibition dedicated to the history of porcelain making in the region under the Ore Mountains. The exhibition is located on the first floor. There is an information centre on the ground floor where you can get information, maps and leaflets about Dubí and its surroundings.

You can find the „Blue House“ in Tovární street in Dubí, close to the reception of Český porcelán and the porcelain company store. It is situated on the route of the Dubí Eastern Walking Course, there is a bus stop nearby – Dubí porcelánka, for buses provided by Teplice public transport - Numbers 489, 490, 492 and 494 - which can take you there from Teplice, Krupka or Duchcov. There is a car park available if you plan to drive.
The employees of the information centre will be happy to give you more information; you call them on +420 774 860 544. When calling, you can also arrange a group visit to the “Blue House” or a group excursion to the production premises of Český porcelán, a. s. with a full professional commentary focused on the historical and technological aspects of porcelain making in Dubí.
The tours last for about 1.5 hours and take place in the mornings. There is an entry fee for this excursion – Adults: 50 CZK and students: 10 CZK.