View-tower Klínovec

Rozhledna Klínovec
Loučná pod Klínovcem 322
43191 Vejprty
Czech Republic

GPS coordinates

50° 23' 45.6" N, 12° 58' 4.44" E

Intended for

Families with children
Active sportpeople

For more information

The most highly situated view-tower of the Krušné hory Mountains (1,244 m above sea level) is a 24 m high octagonal tower which was built in 1884 thanks to the effort of the Krušnohorský okrašlovací spolek (the Krušné Hory Mountains Promoting Club). Later on a wonderful restaurant was built there but in the socialistic period the whole area started to dilapidate and nowadays the restaurant and the tower are closed. An ambitious reconstruction is planned in the coming years to restore its faded glory and to open it for the tourists again.

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Rozhledna Klínovec
Rozhledna Klínovec
Rozhledna Klínovec
Rozhledna Klínovec