Protected areas

The edge sections of German parts of the Western, Central, and partially also Eastern Krušné hory Mountains at the elevation of 700 m above sea belong to the Natural Park Erzgebirge/Vogtland, which is thanks to its length 120 km the longest natural park in Germany. In this park there are located 16 protected landscape areas, 44 nature reserves, 151 registered national landmarks and 3 internationally registered bird territories. 71 % of its area are covered by woods - the Natural Park Erzgebirge/Vogtland it the most woody natural park in Germany.

On the Czech side of the Krušné hory Mountains there are several tens of protected zones with various levels of protection. Among them there are 5 national nature reserves, 2 national natural monuments and many other monuments that are rather of local importance. Those are nature reserves and natural monuments established to protect endangered ecosystems and localities with presence of protected and endangered plants, animals or geological rarities.
Typical features of the Krušné hory Mountains are the peat moors, dreary moors and wetlands that are home of many endangered species of animals (e.g. badgers, black grouses and kingfishers) and plants (e.g. round-leave sundews, Northern cranberries, black crowberries and mountain arnicas). Among most important peat moors there are the Božídarské peat moor, the Novodomské peat moor at the border crossing Hora Sv. Šebestiána, the Grünwaldské peat moor near the Fláje dam or the Georgenfelder Hochmoor peat moor at Zinnwald, which is connected to the Cínovecké peat moor.
The unique character of the Krušné hory Mountains is caused by various scenic elements beginning by mountain meadows and peak wolds, through spoil heaps reminiscent of gold-washing, to remains of original mixed forests, walls from piled up stones, game refuges and smaller areas of original woody species. 
In the area of the Krušné hory Mountains there are hundred kilometres of cycling paths that enable visitors to recognize local nature and countryside closer.