Across Two View-Points to the View-Tower

Czech Republic

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50° 37' 21.36" N, 13° 41' 10.32" E

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The route starts and finishes at the square in Osek

Red Osek, square – Osek, open air swimming pool – Hrad Osek – Pod Stropníkem – Dušanova vista – Pod Stropníkem
Green Pod Stropníkem – Stropník (vista) – Dlouhá Louka – Pod Vlčí horou
Blue Pod Vlčí horou – Vlčí hora (view-tower)(12km) – Pod Vlčí horou
Gree Pod Vlčí horou – Dlouhá Louka
Blue Dlouhá Louka - Pod Dlouhou Loukou – Pod hradem Osek –
Osek, open air swimming pool – Osek, square (18 km)

Monuments on the road :
Osek :
The Cistercian Monastery in Osek (NCM) - established in 1206. Baroque prosperity in the 18th century. The convent and the church were rebuilt. In the 1950s it declined.
The castle Osek (Rýzmburk) – the construction of the castle started in 1230 and finished in 1250. One of the largest Gothic castles in Bohemia.

Dušanova vyhlídka vista – an accessible vista on the slope of the Stropník hill with a tourist shelter (Máňa lodge) on the red tourist trail.

Stropník (855 m above sea level) – an important peak in the Krušné hory mountains with a panoramic view of the whole Eastern Krušné hory Mountains.

The Vlčí hora (view-tower) (890 m above sea level) – a freely accessible iron view-tower open in 2006 with an observation gallery providing wonderful views - 15 m.

Traffic connections :
The train stations Osek město, Horní Háj and Hrob – located on the local railway line linking Most – Moldava. Passenger trains only. Stops in Horní Háj and Hrob on the weekends only - see the timetable.

Teplice public transport system – lines 136 and 139 – connection between Krupka, Teplice, Duchcov, Osek and Hrob

Dlouhá Louka – during certain periods of the year there is a cycling bus or skibus at the weekends

Passage of the route