Krušnohorská bílá stopa - Krušné hory White Trail

o.s., Mount Club Litvínov
Klíny 210
43601 Litvínov
Czech Republic

No language barrier


GPS coordinates

50° 39' 0.72" N, 13° 38' 53.88" E

Intended for

Families with children
Active sportpeople
No language barrier
Cross-country skiing

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Until recently the Krušné hory Mountains have been laced by heterogeneous and unconnected cross country tracks that were not maintained and cared for. Six centres of KBS (Krušné hory White Trail) succeeded to connect the Krušné hory Mountains edges by, roughly speaking, 250 km of shaped cross country tracks. The altitude of the tracks is between 750 m to 950 m above the sea level. The tracks go from the centre of Lesná to the confines of Most and Chomutov regions through Klíny, Dlouhá Louka, Bouřňák, Fojtovice and Telnice. Thus originated one of the largest systems of connected cross country tracks within the Czech Republic, which in addition is connected to shaped cross country tracks on the German side of the mountains. The civic association of KBS has prepared an integrated navigation system of main edge way and local circuits, signboards and resting places for tourists. The civic association representatives try to attract tourists to the Krušné hory Mountains and therefore they cooperate with various organisations in preparation of sporting and social events, e.g. KBS cross country skiing races in Lesná or a 12-hour night race called Klíny Night in Klíny. On the website ( you can find web cameras from single resorts with actual webcam pictures, temperature and weather conditions. It is also possible to check there the actual snow conditions and the state of the maintained tracks, characteristics of each of the six centres, possibilities of transport and also the rules for cross country skiers.

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