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Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen GmbH

Crottendorfer Räucherkerzen GmbH

"INCENSE COUNTRY" We offer in our lovingly furnished Exhibition at the following event: (also on Sundays) Making Incense Cones itself, as 75 years ago. We invite you to traditional Ore Mountains hand. Knead the dough, creating fragrances and Incense Cones overmoulding itself, as our company founder Freya Graupner has 1936 done by hand in her small kitchen. Test the success of your creative work at home and make a piece of Erzgebirge tradition in your feed at home.

An unforgettable experience for young and old!

Water fun in Podkrušnohoří (the under landscape of the Ore Mountains) you can enjoy even in winter


Panská 1700-1723
400 01 Ústí nad Labem-centrum

Phone (+420) 475 210 134
Email mestske.lazne@msul.cz; mestske.sluzby@msul.cz

The swimming pool with sauna and cooling pool, is prepared for visitors. There is also offered fast food. Městské lázně (Municipal Spa) in Ustí nad Labem are powered thermal borehole with a temperature of 26 ° C. Beeing held here swimming courses for kids, too.

Erzgebirgische Likörfabrik Bockau R. Eisenreich & Co. GmbH

Erzgebirgische Destillerie und Liqueurmanufaktur GmbH

Wurzelbucke - another name for the romantic Erzgebirge village of Bockau, famous for its cultivation of the medicinal plant angelica and the ancient tradition of herbal liqueur production. This tradition lives on in the Erzgebirge Distillery and Liqueur Manufactory. In the 'Wurzelstube' (root room), Saxony's first Spirits Museum, visitors will find old stills, herb mills, historic pictures, samples of roots and herbs.


Bergmannsdom &quotSt. Wolfgang&quot Schneeberg

The &quotBergmannsdom&quot or &quotMiner's Cathedral&quot is the heart of Schneeberg and the church parish. This late-Gothic hall church was erected between 1516 and 1540 and is believed to be one of the earliest large churches of the Lutheran Reformation. A unique, plain, bright room welcomes you. This enormous church is also the mantle for one of the large altars completed by the Cranach family of painters. In 1945, the church was largely destroyed by ground-attack aircraft and was again restored to its original form, with the work completed in 1996.