In-line, Vodní nádrž Vrbenský (Matylda)

In 2009 an in-line track and several hardened roads for cycling and hiking around the flooded surface mine of Matylda were finished. The asphalt road circling the pond is 4.4 km long and is used by both cyclists and in-line skaters. All along the route there are benches to rest and get back your lost energy. Cyclists and tourists can also choose another route leading on a hardened path towards the Autodrom. This cross-country route is 3.13 km long. Both routes are also suitable for families with children.

Cyklostezka za lesoparkem

In Chomutov you can enjoy your in-line skates among other things on the cycling path behind Podkrušnohorský lesopark. Its section is 2.5 km long but it has a small disadvantage - it is used by both cyclists and walkers. You can reach the path from the train stop in Chomutov, from Lake Kamencové jezero andalso from Březenecká towards the forest park.

In-line, Bezručovo údolí

Bezručovo údolí

In 2002, the Bezručovo údolí valley was proclaimed a natural park. It is the deepest and longest valley in the Krušné hory Mountains. The valley is directly connected to the town of Chomutov, so it is an easily accessible recreational zone where you can either go on foot or ride your bike. Along the path there are many benches where the skaters can have a rest. You can get refreshed in 1st - 3rd Mlýn that also have access for skaters.

Sportovní areál Benedikt

Sportovní areál Benedikt

The Benedikt sports area in Most offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities - a tennis court, beach volleyball, pétanque, children´s playgrounds, a football pitch, a pond, a restaurant with accommodation and bowling. The skaters can use a circuit which is 2 km long.


Hipodrom Most

The Hipodrom in Most ranks among the most modern of race-courses in Europe. It is unique since it was built on the former dump and it belongs among four race-courses given a grade "A". Nowadays there are facilities for 1,500 visitors, a tower for referees, turf club, show-jumping race and a children’s playground. Around the racecourse there is a 3.4 km long asphalt in-line skating track. The track is freely accessible except on race days or private events.

In-line, Krupka

You can go in-line skating on a circuit with quality asphalt in Krupka. The 400 m long oval has a bit more difficult landscape as one part leads uphill and the other downhill. But there are only skaters on the track; access for walkers and cyclists is prohibited. The oval is open to the general public; public skating is slightly restricted due to the local in-line speed skating club trainings. The town hall plans to illuminate the circuit.


In Osek you can try an in-line track in a beautiful environment around pond banks. You can ride around the pond on an asphalt road 500 m long. There are many benches to rest and playgrounds for children. If you get hungry you can refresh yourself in the adjacent auto camp or in the restaurant called Horal. Access to the track is from the car park of the auto camp in Osek.