Erzgeb. Spielzeugmuseum Seiffen

Erzgeb. Spielzeugmuseum Seiffen

The Seiffen Toy Museum will enchant you with the atmosphere of fairytale land and German Christmas tradition. After a recent refurbishment, it now has three floors full of treasured exhibits inviting you to learn about the past or to reflect on fond childhood memories. There are impressive examples of the 200 year old tradition of lighting candles at Christmas, candle holders and Christmas pyramids are the glittering backdrop for a show of traditional miners' Christmas celebrations. The central 20 ft Christmas pyramid on display will not only light up children's eyes.

Weißbach Bakery

Bäckerei Weißbach

Authentic Erzgebirge stollen takes time. Let the dough take its time - you'll get quality and taste as a reward. Like a classic red wine! This was the advice that Kurt Weißbach gave to his son Gunter together with the traditional recipes and spice blends when he took over his parents' speciality business on the Stollberger Antonstraße in 1980.

Seifert Bakery

The bakery has been in the family's ownership since 1878, and Karla Seifert has been managing the business as the owner since 2002, together with master baker Frank Seifert and master confectioner Karin Seifert. In 2011, we became the founding member of the Erzgebirge Stollen Association/Craft Bakery. Our bakery becomes a Christmas bakery during Advent: we offer approximately 30 different items at Christmas time: real Erzgebirge Christmas stollen with a seal of quality, premium poppy butter stollen, Christmas baked goods - particularly wafers - and hand-made truffle pralines.

Melzer Bakery

Bäckerei & Konditorei Lothar Melzer

Behind the scenes: welcome to a journey into the mysterious traditions around the Erzgebirge Christmas stollen. A delicious aroma in Melzer's bakehouse, rows of beautifully set tables and Christmas sounds are only the beginning - there is much more to look forward to here. Find out everything there is to know about Erzgebirge stollen and the traditions surrounding it. Watch our bakers prepare and bake stollen and other delicious baked goods. Ask everything you always wanted to know about stollen. And you can even try your hand at baking cookies baking - wearing the right outfit!