Vláček Moldaváček/Moldaváček train

Vláček Moldaváček
Nádražní 774/1
43406 Most
Czech Republic

Operating time

Celoroční provoz

GPS coordinates

50° 30' 41.4" N, 13° 39' 28.8" E

Intended for

Families with children
Active sportpeople

For more information

The Krušnohorská railway, or by another name Moldavská horská dráha (Moldava Mountain Railway), is the No. 135 railway line connecting Most and Moldava in the Krušné hory Mountains. The railway is 40 km long and has a significant historical value. It started its service in the 1880s when it was used to transport coal from the Podkrušnohorská basin to neighbouring Saxony. These days the wagons do not transport the coal across the mountains; they were replaced by coaches that transport, especially at weekends, dozens of tourists, bikers and in winter cross-country skiers. In 1998, the section connecting Louka u Litvínova – Moldava in the Krušné hory Mountains was declared a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. The viaduct in the village of Hrob and two tunnels between Mikulov and Moldava have a real technical value. The railway goes through the picturesque nature and here it climbs up to 25‰ slope which is an adventure itself. Several times the service of the so-called Moldaváček train had to be discontinued but the pleasure for the local residents helped it survive. A investment from a German operator into this railway line could help.

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Vláček Moldaváček
Vláček Moldaváček
Vláček Moldaváček
Vláček Moldaváček
Vláček Moldaváček
Vláček Moldaváček


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